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7 de julho de 2018

Provocações em preparação na Síria

 Fabricating Incidents to Incriminate The Syrian Government. Peter Ford

Statement by Peter Ford, British Ambassador to Syria, 2003-6, Representative of the Commissioner General of UNRWA, 2006-14
Peter Ford will also be speaking at Imperialism on trial, a series of speaking events being held in four cities in the United Kingdom (July 2018). For details see below at foot of article. 
The objective of this meeting is to show Syria in perspective. That is, Syria as she really is after eight years of war, not as she is almost universally portrayed in the West.
A brave stand by the Commission of Inquiry on Syria over alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma
I shall look at the broad picture, but I want to zero in by dealing with the report presented yesterday by the Commission on Syria

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