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31 de janeiro de 2020

Uma resposta notável

Já houve quem dando expressão aos seus preconceitos acusasse a China e o comunismo de ineficiência no combate ao Coronavirus . 
Fica aqui uma opinião insuspeita
Dr. Maria Van Der Kerkhove of the WHO stated that one of the reasons why the growth in coronavirus diagnoses has been so rapid is because the Chinese government had published a full genome-mapping of the new variant within days of the initial outbreak, making diagnosis easier. This is possible partially because China has been producing an academic golden generation of doctoral candidates in the biological sciences over the past 15-20 years. China has got an absolutely massive academic talent-pool in the life-sciences, especially in molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry.
In other words, Dr. Van Der Kerkhove argued, the rapid increase in newly diagnosed cases should be interpreted as a positive rather than as a negative, insofar as it was an indicator of the proficiency of the Chinese response.
It is historically unprecedented that the entire genome-sequence of a new virus is published within days of the virus’ first appearance.
Dr. Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, stated that
“China and Chinese scientists have performed probably the most rapid characterization of a novel pathogen in history, and that was shared immediately. Multiple sequences were shared immediately on global platforms.”

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